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Loxa UK is the sole importer and distributor of Loxa ultra lo energy LED T8 tubes and LED lamps
Loxa led lighting and induction lighting

Loxa LED lamps and tubes use only the latest high output SMD chips giving
your customers better lumens per watt. By manufacturing in China we are
able to deliver the highest quality at prices lower even than those of
competitor LED products that emit less light per watt.
We also supply to order a range of other products including LED emergency
lighting, modular fittings, 2D units and induction lighting.

Telephone UsLoxa sell to accredited resellers, contact us to find your nearest stockist.

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Loxa lo energy LED lights
Loxa's new generation LED lamps now
provide light quality and colouring
options across a full rangeof lighting
effects and are comparable to any
conventional lamp types - but with
significantenergy and cost saving benefits!

Typical energy savings against:
common (filament)
Incandescent bulbs
90% saving!

Halogen bulbs 90% saving!

Flourescent tubes 60% saving!

Compact fluorescents 50% saving!

Low energy INDUCTION lights
Loxa's induction lamps are designed to replace
metal halide and sodium vapour lamps
found in outdoor or high ceiling applications.
Induction lamps are similar to fluorescents,
but use a fully sealed glass tube and excite
the contained gas by means of an inductive coil.
This allows the use of gases that produce twice
as much light per watt.

Typical energy savings against:

Metal Halide40% saving!

Sodium Vapour50% saving!